Phygital Retail Design

WHAT IS PHYGITAL retail desigN?

The layout of the store has a major role in sales!

Phygital Retail Design is the art of arranging the point of sale. The layout of the store has a major role in sales. A badly displayed product will be less easily sold and will eventually become a slow mover. To avoid being subjected to the weight of these products, it is necessary to work on what is called: Phygital Retail Design. We must think of the development as the continuity of the strategy. The store must become a sales tool in itself. The Phygital Retail Design then encompasses the gondola heads, corners, islands, ILVs, shelving and more broadly phygital merchandising.


Phygital Retail Design must be part of a phygital retail strategy. First of all, you have to prioritize the layout. It is therefore necessary to know what kind of products to focus on. It is useless and not profitable to modify your entire store.

Then you have to think about the desired impact. An increase in visibility, an increased discoverability or an increase in sales in the segment. Retail Design will not be the same depending on the desired goal.


There are as many tools are as you can imagine! At IMPROVEEZE, we have our own Phygital Retail Design Department. We help you in your reflection and study with you the feasibility of your ideas. At the same time, we have developed several solutions.