Range of product extension


Extending the range takes into account 2 major aspects: the sales teams and the point of sale itself.

Only interactive devices allows the extension of the range.


The extension of the range can be smartphone equipment for vendors or Interactive furniture in store.

Interactive furniture will boost your phygital sales consists of phygital merchandising tools, interactive screens, interactive terminals will allow you to highlight your offer, to enhance and transform it.
This furniture is often designed for the customer but is often used with the vendors aside.

The most advanced devices have AI to detect leads (hot prospects) and notify sales teams.

The vendor’s equipment is primarily designed to strengthen their own performance. They can nonetheless greatly contribute to the effectiveness of sales.

Important features of the range extension

In the world of range extension, we have 2 modules, the front office and the back office, which lead to powerful tools. Engaging and efficient tools for your business performance.

front office
back office
  • The order-in-store or in-store order makes it possible to generate in-store order intake, shoulder to shoulder with the customer.
  • The mixed basket allows your sellers to add to the customer’s basket products from store stock, e-commerce stock, remote stock, stock from another store, stock from a supplier (dropshipping ), from a seller’s stock in your marketplace …
  • Unified stock means being able to check the stocks of physical stores nearby and those of online commerce. Thus, the stock shortage in store is no longer a brake on sales.
  • Broadcasting makes it possible to display a desired product on the seller’s mobile phone on an interactive terminal to extend the range.
  • Automatic detection of hot leads or customers. In other words, the seller is notified when a customer has been on the range extension interactive kiosk for a few minutes.
  • The Phygital CRM comes down to talking about basement. Qualified leads by your in-store salespeople. This allows you to continue your sales cycle with leads that haven’t been turned into stores by your sales teams.
  • The reporting or monitoring and animation of salespeople bring together the tools and methods that we put in place to guarantee the success of our phygital systems. On this subject, find our training courses for regional leaders through the Phygital Academy.

key success factors

Every phygital business project relies on these factors. Factors which, according to our expertise, are the keys to success.

Human ressources, first of all. Because a successful project must first and foremost win the support of all. From Top Management to Middle Management without forgetting the field teams, true leaders of success.

Then, it is mandatory to put in place tools designed for phygital commerce and not online commerce. Tools designed for the physical store and for salespeople.

Finally, it is essential to adapt the best strategy. A strategy defined according to your needs, your problems and your objectives.