Smartphone for vendors equipment

The ultimate sales tool for vendors today. The omnichannel world in which the consumer evolves no longer allows vendors not to be equipped.

The seller’s tool is  therefore especially thought for him. It is designed to improve its efficiency. Save him time. Both in his back-office tasks but also to assist him in a mobile sale.

Selling on the go is quite possible on such a device, in particular when the customer’s experience or comfort does not play a major role in the customer’s decision-making process. Indeed, a customer who already knows what he wants will not have as many expectations as a customer who comes to discover the product lines.

why train your sales teams in phygital commerce?

According to a study carried out by Fora Formation in 50 phygitalized stores, the sales teams are not properly trained in the phygital trade.

Here is an excerpt from some figures that may surprise you:

  • 8 out of 10 sellers do not know how to deal with the price objection
    Case of the customer who found the product cheaper elsewhere, with a competitor or more frequently on Amazon
  • Half of the sellers do not offer substitute products via the brand’s phygital tools
  • 7 in 10 sellers do not encourage the customer to order when the product is not in the store
    We can then conclude that phygitalized brands have gold in their hands but do not know how to fully exploit it. The leverage effects are however important and even critical. The worst part is the seller who replies “No, I don’t have this product but you will surely find it on Amazon”.

Phygital therefore involves:
– Train salespeople to sell products not in the store
– Train sellers to deal with objections – Amazon or others
– Train salespeople to offer a substitute product via Commerce Phygital
– Train salespeople to push all the brand’s products and therefore to know them
– Train the brands, the regional director, the store manager to animate the salespeople on phygital sales

You can also find the entire article right here.

7 vendors on 10 encourage clients to order in store. 

Half of vendors don’t suggest some substitute products via phygital tools.

Only 2 vendors on 10 know how to correctly deal with price objection from clients. 


Equiper mes vendeurs
  • How to set your sales goals?
  • What are the indicators that you need to monitor?
  • What challenges should you put in place to lead your teams?
  • How to identify areas for improvement?

    If you want to know all the secrets to explode the efficiency of your salespeople, go to the training courses of the Phygital Academy.

the interaction between vendor equipment & store equipment

vendor equipment

Designed for the comfort of sales teams

store equipment

Designed for a better customer experience

In Phygital Commerce, the comfort of the vendor is as important as the customer’s comfort. The 2 types of equipment must therefore be complementary and operate in perfect harmony.

The more comfort and customer experience will be in your concept, the more the store’s equipment will play a key role.

How to make the seller's equipment and the store's equipment complementary?
Automatic lead detection

Did you know that an supported sale is 10 times more likely to transform?
This is the reason why your in-store equipment must incorporate an automatic lead detection device.

Let’s imagine that a customer consults a robotic lawnmower worth € 1,300 on an interactive terminal.
An AI present on the terminal must be able to detect it and then warn the sellers by sending them information on this lead: department, product concerned, estimated value of the deal …
The AI then sends a notification to the entire sales team indicating:
“Prospect detected in the Garden Center department, purchase opportunity equal to € 1,300”


This solution enables sales teams to search for a product on their equipment and to display the product found on a screen such as an interactive terminal to extend the range or a passive screen.
This enable a better customer’s experience  and a more serene seduction for the vendor.