Improveeze on the German Market!


You must have noticed it on our social networks and in particular on LinkedIn, we are starting a new adventure, in Germany.
Indeed, through a partnership with Adrien Serres, we have decided to tackle this market with two new offers: PusheezeBox & PusheezeWall.


So why Germany, would you ask us? Well, because Germany is the 4th largest power in the world, the 1st European power and because it is above all a country of retail.

Indeed, many companies, whether German or international, have decided to set up their headquarters there. We can cite for example: Henkel, C&A, Haribo or Rewe.

However, you have to do things in order step by step. This is why we decided to focus on the city of Düsseldorf as a first step.

We believe that Germany is a country where phygital and our sales solutions have their place.


How did such a project came about, especially in a health and economic context as complex as the current one?

Thanks to Adrien Serres and his mad desire to do business on the other side of the Rhine. To discover his reasons, his projects and his insatiable desire to succeed, I suggest you read our interview below.

IMPROVEEZE : Why did you join the IMPROVEEZE’s adventure?

Adrien Serres :

Yes, why IMPROVEEZE? Well, I believe a lot in phygital to improve the customer experience in stores. I am a fond of personalization, ergonomics, innovation, design and digital to multiply uses and sales. I am also a digital entrepreneur since I led Wazapp which I had founded in 2010 and then sold to Tymate in 2019. I was among the first in the app industry from 2009 and I have some expertise in the creation of mobile application and digital devices for major brands at points of sale, at trade fairs or even with websites.

This installation in Germany is also a good opportunity for a new challenge in a new country. Then, with IMPROVEEZE, we have known each other for a long time since we were neighbors at the Plaine Images in Tourcoing where I had installed Wazapp at the time. Our digital expertise is complementary and it therefore makes sense to work together.


IMPROVEEZE : How do you see the German market following the Covid19?

Adrien Serres : As in France and around the world, the retail sector in Germany has been seriously affected. However, there was no strict lockdown in Germany, many sanitary measures were put in place very quickly and there were large-scale tests and this also helped reduce losses for some businesses.

However, I have noticed that few businesses have implemented sales assistance solutions, automatic checkouts, click and collect, online reservation or even drive. As we have seen in France, uses have increased tenfold.

Purchasing behavior is also a little different because it is a territory of discount which brought us in France, Lidl and Aldi. The Germans, however, greatly appreciate the personal advice of vendors and they will also put the price on quality. There are therefore great opportunities precisely by offering unique and innovative phygital solutions that will allow a better return on investment.

Indeed, we believe that Germany is a country where phygital and our sales solutions have their place.

To do this, and as said previously, we have decided to create two new offers, tailor-made and in line with the expectations of consumers but also retailers: re-enchanting the customer journey.

Thus, PusheezeBox and PusheezeWall are two innovations that make it possible to gain a foothold quickly and efficiently in the world of phygital and to benefit from significant and major returns on investment for a brand.

We therefore invite you to visit the website dedicated to Pusheeze: or to contact Maxence Dislaire and Adrien Serres via LinkedIn.
You can also listen to this interview on our YouTube channel.

Bis Bald ! – A bientôt !

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