In store, we must have at least the same level of information as the customer.

Cyril Dessaint
Lomme Store’s Director

If we don’t have an answer for the customer, they’ll go to competing stores or go online.

Cyril Dessaint
Lomme Store’s Director

picwictoys & improveeze, AN innovaTIVe PARTNERSHIP

After many discussions and a certain interest in our solutions, PicWicToys decided to start the phygital business.
It was in 2017 that a pilot was initiated. Mathieu Charent, then director of the network, becomes Team Leader Transformation and Innovation at PicWicToys and identifies the interest of putting phygital commerce tools in store to improve sales performance and perfect the customer experience.

PicWicToys, the new store in Lomme, France - Photo Credits: IMPROVEEZE

picwictoys & improveeze, rupture innovations

Proud of this partnership and collaboration, PicWicToys is testing today our new solutions resulting from our R&D.
Thus, PicWicToys has deployed connected buttons, called Pusheeze and motion detectors, Moveeze, in 2 stores in its network located in Lomme and Caen.

PicWicToys, PusheezeWall - Crédits Photos : IMPROVEEZE

 Pusheeze  have been installed in the outdoor department. A spoke perfectly suited to this technology. In fact, Pusheeze allows you to store the entire offer dedicated to the Outdoors.
An often bulky and cumbersome product offering such as swings, cabins or even trampolines which create problems with stocks and in-store space.

Thanks to Pusheeze and the product sheets, the customer only has to press the connected button to discover all the informations on the product, compare it, send it by email and order it on the interactive terminal dedicated to the department.

A win-win innovation for both the store and the customer.

PicWicToys, Moveeze - Crédits Photos : IMPROVEEZE

Motion detectors called Moveeze have been installed on the Games shelf’s department. A department requiring total control on the part of salespeople.
Not all salespeople are board games experts, PicWicToys has set up the Moveeze.

The idea ? A motion detector is located on the game box. When the customer picks up the game box, a demonstration video explaining the principle of the game starts on the screen positioned nearby.

This makes it easier for customers to understand and grasp the game.

The Moveeze are not intended to replace the seller, on the contrary. This technology helps to strengthen their expertise.

picwictoys & improveeze, A vertical LEADERSHIP

PicWicToys, une borne interactive située dans le rayon Premiers Jouets - Crédits Photos : IMPROVEEZE

IMPROVEEZE leads PicWicToys vertically.
Support through the phygital commerce software platform, Cataleeze. But also, the complete management of the deployment of devices in stores, on-site installation, maintenance in operational conditions and a technical support service 5 days a week. Without forgetting, hardware sourcing, material design and support for new concepts with the implementation of innovations such as connected buttons, Pusheeze and motion detectors, Moveeze.



We are proud to have succeeded in creating a strong relationship with many PicWicToys collaborators.

Whether at head office or in store, we work side-by-side with the sales teams, the Information Systems Department (IT), merchandising, innovation, the concept or even purchasing.


This proximity allows us to get to know better the brand, its projects, its ambitions but also its issues, which allows us to best support them in their phygital development.


At PicWicTioys, each employee has an alias of superheroes or cartoon characters. Thus, you can meet Wolverine, Batman, Captain America or even Balou and Clover !

picwictoys & improveeze, HISTORY


Deployment of 7 interactive kiosks in 7 stores to promote the extension of the product range

Summer 2019

PicWic & Toy’s R Us become PicWicToys and includes 64 stores in France

October 2019

Deployment of phygital devices in Lomme and Caen : terminals, tablets, pusheeze, moveeze, odor diffusers, screens, radio shops, etc

December 2019

Deployment of 15 new interactive kiosks in 15 new stores

January 2020

Training of the sales teams of the Lomme and Caen stores

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