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Feu Vert - Concept 500
Jean-Philippe Gautriaud
Feu Vert
Business Process Manager

In only one glance –with the PusheezeWall-, we are able to show to all our customers, the extent of our offer and our capacity to serve them on various families of products in a store which at first sight does not lend itself to it.


Feu Vert is a major player in the automotive repair industry in France.

With more than 6,200 employees, 350 centers in France and 40 years of experience, the group “regularly adapts its concept as the market changes.”

In order to always be attentive to its customers and to meet their needs, Feu Vert is launching a new format : 500 sqm.
A project born from an observation. The need to reduce the floor space of the sales area.
The idea? Present the same offer while reducing the floor space. This was done with the Format 500 in Clermont l’Hérault, France which was opened last September.

A store divided by 3 located in a suburban area.
But who says less space means less products in the store, right? To avoid this, Jean-Philippe Gautriaud, business process manager at Feu Vert, wanted a solution to “enlarge the walls and present the offers differently”. A solution found and proposed by IMPROVEEZE, the PusheezeWall.

Crédits Photo : Feu Vert - Concept 500 - Clermont L'Hérault - By Maxence Dislaire - Septembre 2021

PUSHEEZEWALL, invisible BECOME visible

Crédtis Photo : Feu Vert - Concept 500 - Clermont L'Hérault - By Maxence Dislaire - Septembre 2021

Format 500 is a concept that is aimed at urban or suburban areas where a 5,000 m² store does not necessarily fit.

But what about bulky products such as bicycles, trailers, roof boxes or roof racks?

They are of course present but only thanks to the PusheezeWall.
It is also important to note that these products are usually present on the Feu Vert catalog or website. The customers knows it.

For Jean-Philippe Gautriaud, “the important thing is to present all the offers because they are rich and complete and they answer to our customers’ needs.”

FEU VErt & Improveeze,

The group had previously tested several interactive devices such as kiosks. However, the project did not meet the expected success. Nevertheless, Feu Vert wanted to go further and it’s then that the PusheezeWall solution presented by Maxence Dislaire appeared as an evidence. 

A panel with x products. Bulky products like bikes, trailers, scooters, roof boxes or even roof bars. Thanks to connected buttons called pusheeze, customers can discover the different features of the products, their price and above all place an order directly on the kiosk. 

“In just one glance, we can show all our products, the extent of our offer and our ability to serve them in different product families in a store that is not suitable for them,” says Jean-Philippe Gautriaud.

Crédits Photo : Feu Vert - Concept 500 - Clermont L'Hérault - By Maxence Dislaire - Septembre 2021
Crédits Photo : Feu Vert - Concept 500 - Clermont L'Hérault - By Maxence Dislaire - Septembre 2021



The PusheezeWall device has been very successful with Feu Vert's customers. Between 800 and 1 000 consultations are made each month. A great performance considering the format and the traffic in store. Feu Vert is delighted to have chosen the PusheezeWall solution because it is "an innovative solution that attracts the interest and curiosity of our customers". Moreover, the solution has allowed to reinforce the positioning of the salesmen as advisors to the customers.


The next step is to lead the change of users with these new tools. Initiating change management and training teams so that everyone can fully succeed. The success of this partnership opens up new perspectives, frees up space and frees us from constraints.
"The first step is a success, the first step has been taken" - Jean-Philippe Gautriaud.

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