Basket4Ballers is a pure player –prestashop- that has grown rapidly. To continue its expansion, the Basket4Ballers team and Gilles Bollinger, CEO, decided to accelerate in retail by having stores in major European cities.

Thus, the brand has opened a 300 m² store on rue de Rivoli in Paris. A case of America where sneakers, jerseys and shorts make the greatest happiness of fans! 🏀

Aware of the importance of the store’s location but also of its limitations in terms of product exposure, inventory and costs. Basket4Ballers wanted to surround itself with experts in Phygital Commerce in order to overcome this limit.

Indeed, it is impossible for a pure player having several tens of thousands of references to be able to expose all efficiently in a point of sale.

BASKET4BALLERS - Rue de Rivoli - Paris | Crédits Photos : IMPROVEEZE - Septembre 2021


For a Phygital Commerce project to succeed, it is essential to respect certain key steps. 

Thus, the first step was to lead Basket4Ballers in its reflection with a Masterclass Reinforcement of Phygital Commerce. A coaching that allowed Basket4Ballers teams to understand all the secrets of Phygital.

The Store Design Space was the second step, called phygital merchandising. This one allowed us to deply the best practices of phygital merchandising for the Basket4Ballers store. 

The next steps concern the production, coaching, adhesion and commitment of the sales teams. The last step, and not the least important, is the training of the sales teams. Throughout the project, we have invested in the sales staff so that they take ownership of the project and feel involved. This training was necessary so that the salespeople could use their new sales devices correctly and to the fullest.

BASKET4BALLERS – Rivoli – Paris | Crédits Photos : IMPROVEEZE –  Septembre 2021


Coming to the shop, client are making an effort. They expect to leave with the product they are looking for. If this is not the case, customers are disappointed and develop a feeling of frustration. A disappointment coupled with a frustration that pushes them not to return to the store for future purchases. A situation that still happens too often in stores and that we call “the false promise”.

Basket4Ballers has understood the importance of this issue and the importance of using Phygital Commerce devices in a subtle way.

BASKET4BALLERs - Rivoli - Paris | Crédits Photo : IMPROVEEZE

Whats make Basket4Ballers unique

In order to create a differentiating and innovative space for customers, we decided to push forward several technologies. Technologies that help the vendor in his daily tasks and that make the customers’ journey innovative and attractive.

Discoverability with the pusheeze allows client  to discover in one click the offer related to a basketball team.
Who has never dreamed of knowing the history of a basketball team? It is now possible at Basket4Ballers thanks to our technology placed in the heart of the basketball. So, when the customer grabs it, he discovers its history on the terminal placed nearby.
In order to better support the store’s customers, we have set up the “vendor call”, a notification system that alerts the teams when a customer needs help on the terminal.


Today & tomorrow


BASKET 4BALLERS continues to break all records and explode all counters. Well aware of the added value brought by the Phygital, the sales teams continue to make, not 12 but 20 sales per week.

... & tomorrow

The pure player intends to continue its expansion and wishes to have new points of sale. Opening new ones yes, but always accompanied by IMPROVEEZE.

The road ahead will be full of REBOUNDINGS!

Improveeze & basket4ballers in press

Read more about the Store Tour organized by the Hub-Retail on November 19, 2021, which allowed the greatest number of people to discover the new universe of Basket4Ballers.

An article written by  Catherine Petit for Les Clés du Digital which retraces the history of the pure player and reveals its new phygital adventure with Improveeze


March 2021

Training in the design of phygital spaces

April to July 2021

Project Management & Setup Cataleeze Unlimited

August 2021

Installation in B4B boutique

August 2021

Training to Commerce Phygital for the B4B crew

September 2021

Grand opening  boutique rue de Rivoli in Paris for Basket54Ballers 

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