Maxi Toys

Our sales teams must become brand ambassadors again through our omnichannel strategy.

Maxime Blaise 
Marketing & Digital Director

We want to empower our salespeople to stop saying NO to a customer.

Jérémy Robin
Digital Project Manager

maxi toys & improveeze, A strategic PARTNERSHIP

An interactive terminal in the Maxi Toys store in Roncq, France - December 2019 - Photo Credit: IMPROVEEZE

Maxi Toys is positioned on a market in perpetual movement both in terms of competition with e-commerce in particular but also very dynamic in its transformation.
To stay ahead of its competitors, the brand needed a benchmark player. A solid partner to enable it to accelerate the implementation of its omnichannel strategy while deploying a reliable and efficient in-store solution.

The group also needed support and advice to ensure its deployments to around fifty range extension terminals in stores in France and also in Belgium. All before the strong and crucial Christmas period.

This project was a very good opportunity for IMPROVEEZE to use all its expertise in advice and support and also to equip and train points of sale in its phygital business software, Cataleeze.


Through a consulting mission carried out with the teams of the digital department, IMPROVEEZE leads Maxi Toys in the reflection and construction of its phygital transformation project.

On the strength of our discussions and the specifications written by 4 hands, Maxi Toys decided to get started by installing 50 range extension terminals and 3 mobile sellers in 50 stores in France and also in Belgium.

Always in a logic of support, IMPROVEEZE participated in the annual convention of Maxi Toys in order to evangelize the entire network to the phygital trade. Change management as well as workshops on in-store phygital strategy has been set up, with the aim of enabling the Regional Directors to train the teams themselves in the field. A win-win bet ! 

Maxime Blaise in front of Maxi Toys directors at the group's Annual Convention - September 2019 -Photo Credit: IMPROVEEZE


We work hand in hand with Maxi Toys.

Indeed, a strong and lasting relationship has been created with the teams of the project, digital, IT and network departments. A close collaboration enabled in particular by our meeting and our exchanges with all the interlocutors of the group. Discussions that allowed us to immerse ourselves in Maxi Toys’ corporate culture in order to best meet their expectations and respond as precisely as possible to their needs.


On the strength of this solid partnership, we are doing everything we can to make this project a profitable and duplicable success for the entire Maxi Toys network and lasting over time.

For 2020, we have several projects. Improved current functionalities, continue to deploy in-store interactive devices such as range extension terminals or mobile vendors. But also to strengthen the customer experience and the experience of sales teams, increase store performances and make the in-store journey ever more innovative, disruptive and phygital.

SMALL stories at maxi toys

We took part in the group’s end-of-year convention in the presence of the management as well as all the region and store managers. During this event, Maxime Blaise and Jérémy Robin let us present  our business, our vision of phygital commerce while allowing us to introduce the group’s omnichannel strategy. Recognition, confidence and a unique opportunity for us to observe the motivation and ambition of a brand in total transformation.

improveeze & maxi toys, HIsTORY

June 2019

Consulting mission for the phygital project and drafting of specifications

october 2019

Deployment of range extension terminals and mobile sellers in 50 stores of the Maxi Toys France, Maxi Toys Belgium and ex Bart Smith networks

november 2019

Training of sales teams in Commerce Phygital by our partner Chrysalides-Phygital

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