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With PusheezeWall we finally have the possibility to present our entire range of products of our the website and sell them in shop.

Our first client in Germany: myToys

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myToys is Germany’s leading toy retail website 🧸.
Also present in Germany 🇩🇪 with 19 shops, they were looking for a solution to sell their bulky products that they did not have in stock.
Trampoline, bicycles, bike trolleys, products exclusively on the web…

myToys- Berlin Spandau | Credits Photos : IMPROVEEZE - 2022

Success in few step

For a Phygital Commerce project to succeed, it is essential to respect certain key steps. 

After an analysis of the problems faced by the myToys retail team, we presented them with the PusheezeWall solution which they immediately adopted.

A quick to implement solution including :
Panels of 40 products each that reinforce the visibility of missing products in shop.
A touch screen and the Cataleeze solution
The pusheeze buttons to interact on the touch screen
The vendor’s smartphone which allows to manage the buttons, the product sheets and to receive alerts from the customers present on the touch screen

The next steps concern the productio, installation & coaching.
Coaching brings adhesion and commitment to the sales teams. This training is necessary so that the salespeople could use their new sales devices correctly and to the fullest.

myToys- Berlin Spandau | Credits Photos : IMPROVEEZE – 2022

They have chosen improveeze's solutions:

-No IT, a fast solution to make imported product sheets available every day without heavy API development.
-Improveeze unique phygital expertise
-Product visibility with visuals
-Display of screen saver advertising
Usage measurement

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Selling bulky products

The main challenge was to be able to sell and show products from the website in the shops.
Customers can now see that the internet offer is present in the shop, especially the more bulky products.
The customer presses the button, chooses the product, prints a ticket and goes to the checkout to order it.
The customer is delivered or can collect the order in shop with Click & Collect.

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2 PusheezeWalls with 80 displayed products installed in Berlin Spandau and 1 PusheezeWall in Stuttgart with 40 products.
There are 200 products to order on the kiosk in both shops.

Training in the design of phygital spaces

April 2021

Ausbildung in der Gestaltung Phygitaler Space

July- Dec 2021

Project Management & Setup Cataleeze

january 2022

Installation in Berlin & Stuttgart

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